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Holy Wars – Cruel World

Holy Wars is the product of Kat Leon. And one of its outputs is Cruel World. Goth-nu-punk-indie-alt-rock? Yep. All of it, and to our surprise, Holy Wars grew on us like the proverbial poison ivy linking across the woods – finding its target – choking, caressing, cajoling.

It’s just like what we know of Kat. She’s a rebel. Not like the PeeWee Herman’s “I’m a Rebel, Dottie.”, but rather the “Rebel, Without A Cause” James Dean, kind of bad-ass uniqueness.

From CHF’s point of view, we didn’t think we belonged together – Holy Wars & CHF. After all, CHF is about indie-pop/rock and Holy Wars seemed to be a bad ass goth scene.

We sat on it. Needed some time. Needed to re-visit the band; in the effort to evaluate with a fresh start.

Well, here we are “writing, and profilin'” Kat, and her music project.

In all intents and purposes, we think Kat is ‘balls to the wall fab”; especially on her songs: Cruel World and Orphan. She digs and digs, with synchronized awkwardness – in the effort to make conversation, and dribble some anecdotes into our frontal cortex.

Seduction has been achieved. Kudos, Kat.

We’re never sure whether she’d hit her spot, but she has hit our ‘spot’ with Cruel World. It’s a ‘gruesome’ anti-thesis to what she’s lost, and her terms to that loss.

Her thoughtful patronage to that deeply private sanctuary is honorable.

Keep strong Kat.

You embraced the ‘hurt’ and we dig your ‘expression’ of that ‘hurt’.

Let’s try to visit her kingdom, once in a while; hand in hand – those hands on throat.

Holy Wars drops her latest offering on November 3, 2017.

Want to purchase now? Go to her Fanlink page here.



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