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Holyoak Shares ‘Crumble’. “digital, palpable, organic, desirable, and irrepressible.”

Following up his single ‘Soapy’, HOLYOAK brings another underworld banger of enthusiasm and electronic fervor in ‘Crumble’. Dark and morose, the shaded casts of pop and alt-rock vibrations keeps in tune with unfathomable reflections and hiphop shine.

The song is about the “anxiety-inducing nature of online communities and social media” and it hits home, like a heat seeking rocket.

The video is of the utmost aftertaste of such manipulated samples and of the listening mind. Taunted and vernacular in nature, the asthmatic nuances crack open into the surface, with HOLYOAK’s vacuous and descriptive vocals guiding the way.

The Sydney originating, now Berlin based artist, digested the garage rock scene and has been on a quest to divulge the righteous and the indignant through his solo venture.

New directions come with anxieties of their own. But HOLYOAK has embraced this swiftly and emphatically, producing works that synthesize the world with compassion and distilled crispness, inherently demanded.

He delivers.

In his own way.

HOLYOAK’s music now is digital, palpable, organic, desirable, and irrepressible.

You’re being cooked alive.

Enjoy this sonic incursion.



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