HolyU ‘Afternoon With Pains’ : Refreshing page of trends within trends. Get swept.


HolyU has been bubbling along in the underground for a few years now on the back of a string of beautiful releases that delve into a variety of sub-genres of electronic music to fuse his own signature sound that has rightly developed a buzz amongst those that recognize class when they hear it.

‘Afternoon With Pains’ delves into the cerebral and meditative corners of Electronica with a flurry of shuffling percussive elements and deep and melodic bass pulses that evoke reminiscences from the likes of Moderat, Jon Hopkins and similar prominent masters of the melodic Electronica world.

This refreshing single release continues a trend for HolyU as he once again shows that he’s not just technically a production wizard, but also has the deep creative pockets that are required to output work that sounds this good.


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