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Fabian Willi Simon

Home Body – Comet

Fresh electro poetry is what Eric Hnatow and Haley Morgan brings to the table with their project HOME BODY. Each and every time, when they step up, the world knees down in decadent assertions and accolades. The wispy vanguard of the projected sounds in ‘Comet’ is like the tail of an actual comet. Mysterious, liquid, eternal – the languid prosperity of this sonic experience never touches ground as it rains down to the onward atmosphere and drenches your hardened sense for music. It gently caresses in all of its glorious shine. The sweethearts for 13 years, the duo has been putting emotional smiles on audiences since 2011. In their latest upcoming album ‘Spiritus’ (April 26th), they continue.

Odonis Odonis – The Rip

The howling mechanics of the arm’s reach death. The emotional execution of what’s beyond that black hole. Your black hole, never revealing and always unrelenting. ODONIS ODONIS’ single ‘The Rip’ is the last single in their latest EP ‘Reaction’. The industrial based psycho-thriller of a single, clings on with the knowledge of all that was past, but never lingering to find out whether the future is, or not. The 4 song EP was written during the band’s tour supporting their 2017 imprint ‘No Pop’. The evolution in the gaps of time is a work in completeness. See the dynamic production of the band next at Central Saloon, Seattle on May 25th.

LIONLION – Oceans Rise

‘Oceans Rise’ is the culmination of the curtailment in the normal – the obvious. LIONLION has always been on that road to greatness, since their debut of ‘The Atlas Idea’. “‘Oceans Rise’ is about the courage to see things from a different perspective. It’s about staying in motion, trying new things and taking chances. How can we overcome our boundaries and rise above our own limited view? Perspective is a matter of viewpoint: how do I perceive my life and does it match my feelings?” The video was shot in “ mid-century modernist villa from 1968” and helps spring to action the method of communication for the incredible and artistic for the song. The band continues with the drop of their album in autumn.

TC Superstar – One and Only

It’s harder to not drown, sometimes. The watermark reaches the crest of our senses and as we’re overwhelmed, confusion ensues. You, us – it isn’t a specific science, but it is as important as it’ll ever be. The Universe is looking upon our gazes, and it is in our best interest to make this thing happen – for the better, for the positive. May 16th, TC SUPERSTAR will drop their new album. The supergroup based in Austin Texas, keeps the pop-tinged aesthetics grounded. With shimmer coming from all of their singles, pastel-DIY endeavors just feels right. All of the time.

Levi Lights On Project – Mirror Man

LEVI SESEGA Levi Sesega heads his project LEVI LIGHTS ON PROJECT and offers a delight in the single ‘Mirror Man’. Complexity is the mainstay of life. And when the soaring vocals capture you attention, the single drives the nails of knowledge, deep and hard, into your soul. The conventional pop-rock endeavor sprinkles another layer of decadence with horns and shimmering keys. Mental awareness and the will to work on that ‘reluctance’ for the harshness of what our lives bring. A song of reflection and admittance to what’s ahead. An anthem for what needs to be done. An anthem for what you have to become.


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