Home Counties ‘Redevelopment’ : Debut single. Rocks out. Knee deep in indie pleasure.

Home Counties

Home Counties reside in Bristol.

“’Redevelopment’ is about town redevelopment,” the band explained. “Lyrically, the first half of the song takes the view of 1960s redevelopers, with the second half addressing the tearing down of modernist buildings and replacing them with gentrified luxury flats. The song points out that these ideas of nostalgia, urban decay and progress come around in cycles. Fundamentally, it suggests that we should be as wary of arguments against redevelopment, as of redevelopment itself.”

Yea. You can call it a fascination. You can call the band’s nostalgia, an proper attempt at sentiments that laid down the law way back when. But you can’t deny that every town and city and generations go through this transformation. It’s a relevance of human society that we go through at least once in our short time on this earth.

Political and economic. Good and bad. Tragic and ‘progress’.

But do you know what we know as fab, in any case? Home Counties’ effervescent Brit-rock goodness that is fast, aggressive, good-hearted and ultimately as danceable as it can be.

The gang made of Will Harrison, Conor Kearney, Barn Peiser Pepin, Sam Woodroffe and Dan Hearn drives us mad with good feelz and indie pleasure as ‘Redevelopment’ passes you by like the decades that have done.

These boys does rock good, yo!

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