Homeless Jones ‘Luna Llena’ : Centric frailties, radiated through the partially tragic of self and of the other.

Homeless Jones

“I haven’t really ever written a straight up love song. My ex-girlfriend always nagged me to write a song about her… I never got around to it. This song is I guess as close to that as I’ve come..”

The solo project of Andrew Zizik, a multi-instrumentalist audio engineer and producer based between NYC and Providence, Homeless Jones began as an excuse to make fake rap songs using samples from old Clint Eastwood films. His love of vocal harmonies, weird chord changes, hip hop-inspired beats, and lush textures informs the unfamiliar yet familiar sound he strives for in his music.

And that’s the fold of existence where Andrew’s true talent lies. The exhaling inhale of emotions, cupped in held on myths and unattainable limits of self-bound egos. A place where reality sometimes die, as the imagination challenge the wits of ultimate happiness. A silent realm to one’s centric frailties, radiated through the partially tragic of self and of the other.

The other, for whom, can be your puzzle piece, to the holiness in life.

Andrew seeks that out, silently and now, in his solo form, constantly – beckoningly.

That journey continues.

‘Luna Llena’ is off of his latest LP ‘Baby Steps’. Out now.


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