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Honey Gentry // Gemini Sun // Instupendo // Freedow // Sleepcircle

Honey Gentry – Daydream Baby

We’d stated about HONEY GENTRY as: “The highlight of any HG single is her vocals. It’s the drizzly haunting sounds that grips you to your throat and doesn’t let go until there is a soft kiss.” Off of her latest EP ‘Dreamlover’, her single ‘Daydream Baby’ the NME100 artist takes you on a sweet and tart journey of knowledge and love. The Lana del Rey vibe sizzles through the artist, and daggers your heart with invocations of delight, pain, exquisite resonance. ‘Daydream Baby’ takes you apart and forms you again. This alt-pop artist is a taste you’d die for.

Gemini Sun – I’ll Get Round To It

Those chords. Sam’s vocals. The nonchalant urgency in the pace of it all. Just works. GEMINI SUN’s single ‘I’ll Get Round To It’ is that relatable rock that conjures up memories of your youth (or current days) where things were clear and all the future was up to you to grab. Well, at least that’s what we feel when listening to this refreshing single. The cantankerous guitar solo, to the raw and demanding drums, gather together to form a ‘super-friends’ worth of vibe and fun. What a deal, right?! The band calls themselves “an off-kilter indie punk unit”. We tend to agree. And we dig it. We’ve never saw them live, but we think they would be bad-ass up there on the stage. ​’I’ll Get Round to It’​ is their first single recorded as a full band and was produced by ​Toby Kidd (​ Hatcham Social, Amy Studt) at ​Bark Studios (Flowers, Go-Kart Mozart).

Instupendo – Pinch

INSTUPENDO is Aidan Peterson. Soundscape of therapeutic intent. That is where Aidan, and his project’s goals lie and procreate. The insurgence of delectable bass and beats, frame the conversation of INSTUPENDO to another level of greatness. A gentle push of melancholic positivity flourishes through ‘Pinch’, as it seems deep into the fabric our our living cells, haunting and caressing. Aidan is an alt-pop artist who deals easily with the saccharine and the tart parts of living and creating music. His latest EP ‘Boys By Girls’ is a perfect example of such endeavors with multiple directions that culminate into one focused amplification of his musical fluctuations.

Freedow – Cráteres de Luna

Based in Mexico City, FREEDOW, is a singer/songwriter who shines in dream-pop flavor in his latest single ‘Cráteres de Luna’. A smooth trek through the hills of his surroundings, the contemplative music maker, rides his guitar strums with grace and fresh exclamations. Though presented in Spanish, ‘Cráteres de Luna’ transcends with ample clarity and vibe, which are communicated nicely through our headphones. The simple tune is a trip back to a simpler time and of good memories.

Sleepcircle – Succubus

Formed in 2012, SLEEPCIRCLE is a Vancouver based hard-rock band that kicks butt then asks what your name is, after the fact. Why? Because there’s too much good hard-rockin’ to do in a day. They are in the midsts of tour North America from 2019-2020 in support of their new album, ‘From the Heavens, Through the Window’. Kavian Iranzad, Paul Wilson, Andrew Wilson, Curtis Wilson, and Ian Lavery tag team together to make this project shine like a blade of glory. Reminiscent of the deep tradition of the North West rock scene of the past 30-40 years, the tradition is safe and blooms further with SLEEPCIRCLE.


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