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Honeycraft Shares New Single ‘Inside’. “A peek into what dreams can be made of.”

With funky grooves and r&b/soul within their heart, HONEYCRAFT makes life a bit more refined with her single ‘Inside’.

As the dream-pop haze casts over your senses, the classic pop sounds of 90’s r&b comes to rest with constancy and shimmering acceleration. The nostalgia keeps your cheeks rosy, as the palpable longing quests into a chapter worth of beckoning and love. Love for the other; love for the one who guides you – all coming together in the insights of a harmonized chorus that is as delicious.

“This is the first I’m releasing of a group of tracks I did with Tim Atlas,” said HONEYCRAFT, “who is an artist in this genre (which I suppose would be bedroom pop). There are so many ways for people to occupy themselves nowadays (Instagram, Netflix, etc) that it’s pretty easy to avoid your thoughts if you try.

“Still there are always moments where they catch up to you—when you wake up in the middle of the night, your phone dies, or you otherwise find yourself alone. I have a good friend who really can’t stand to be alone and will avoid it at all costs. I’ve also had times when my thoughts get to be really rough and I’ll do anything to not go “inside”. Tim and I wanted to write a song about that avoidance and honestly address what it means.”

HONEYCRAFT is the project driven by Catherine Rose Smith, and with it, the golden flakes of accolades come thick and fast. The bright and confident vocals of Catherine relieves the sultry and give any listener the existential license to dig a little more into their emotional potential.

And in music, that’s a great way to start any conversation, ain’t it?

Light, airy, fun, and romantic – HONEYCRAFT’s ‘Inside’ is your ‘insider’ to a better place for love.



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