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honeyfreckle Shares Single And Video For ‘love me not’.

Simon Roth Kalla

Fresh, with delightful directions, honeyfreckle’s single ‘love me not’ is tinged with the pastel 80’s radio pop but ticks with the underlying grayer streak which makes it contentious and engaging; all while airy and aromatic.

“I started to think about the “he loves me, he loves me not” imagery. There is something interesting about imagining love being a rigged game. It can lure you into false security, when in reality, it is really easy to mess with the outcome.”

The new wrapping is off of the fresh-face of honeyfreckle, a Sweden based artist, who offers you to bring your glitter and dance the night away.

Sanna, a 24 year old artist, grew up in a small village in the south of Sweden. She’d grown up with music as a staple for her life, where songwriting continues to give her a chance to express herself, the way she’d always desired.

Heartfelt lyrics and electronic elements are melted together to create a personal expression. The collaboration with the producer (and brother) Hampus gives the songs a colorful vibe, where they weave inspirations from artists and bands such as NIMMO, Alphabeat, Carly Rae Jepsen, CHVRCHES and M83.

Said Sanna: “If I have the opportunity to work with my brother, I will. People always ask me if it’s difficult and if it leads to fights, but it doesn’t. I love working with Hampus. He’s a real magician when it comes to production. I have such a talented brother, and he never stops surprising me.”

We think this is a formidable presence. Look for more from this project.



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