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HONORE Shares ‘SatinPillowcase’. “R&B/Soul Cast Of Colors, Delicious To Devour.”

In the darkness of the life we live, we protrude our senses, in an effort to lean towards what seems to be the way out. There doesn’t seem to be a way forward in this hectic and chaotic life of ours. Loves comes and love goes, with deep potentials and even deeper wounds there after. The darkness seems to envelope you closer, as punches accumulate, black and blue on your body skin, chipping away at your resolve.

Seems the darkness had won.

But then, a slight glimmer of hope and possibilities shine, like a silver jewel, in the form of a sound – a wave – a communication method. It changes the feelings of guilt, disappointments, confusion, desperation, and insubordination, into something else.

HONORE brings that kind of light and hope in her single ‘SatinPillowcase’.

The dreamy cast of sonic resonance from this single, and most importantly HONORE’s vocals will melt your misunderstandings. The r&b / soul driven cast of colors, is delicious to devour.

What a ride.

A ride you don’t want to get off.




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