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Hood Rats Shares ‘Cheap Rent’. “But we survive. And some – thrive.”

HOOD RATS said of their single ‘Cheap Rent’: “This song is about the struggle my friends and I go through trying to find a place to live after being priced out of newly gentrified neighborhoods.”

Montreal based garage-punk band HOOD RATS are down and gritty, and full of life, with that gray shine that overcasts a life of challenges and struggles. They are the nominal. They are the one’s within us. They are the ones who then cheer us on to live ‘another day’ through this ‘glorious’ world.

One of their big solutions?

Rock on. Rock on like punks, head bangin’ your way through the clutter – bashing the drywalls, and trying to cash in to add to the rent money.

The band added: “No love songs here… Just songs about life and our daily struggles of living in the city. Headbangers and freaks welcome.”

Oh right on, boys.

‘Cheap Rent’ pops the bubbling tribulation – stoic efforts – which we all try to control and manage through in this hectic society we participate. It’s hard and musty, and after-taste that doesn’t quite do it.

But we survive. And some – thrive.

HOOD RATS wants us to never forget the hard-times.

Just makes us smile and get harder, and more difficult to defeat.



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