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Hop Along Performs on CBS This Morning: ‘How Simple’, ‘Somewhere a Judge’ and ‘Prior Things’.

‘Bark Your Head Off’ is popular for a reason. It was released in April of 2018, but garnered quick acclaim and accolades as a new artist to see. The album continues its momentum in the news and the curiosity continues with an appearance on CBS This Morning. They played dazzlingly again, their 3 singles ‘How Simple’, “Somewhere a Judge’ and ‘Prior Things’.

With a dazzling vocal presentation, Frances Quinlan (along with bandmates Tyler Long, Joe Reinhart, Mark Quinlan), the self produced record’s outputs delighted the live audience, as it did virtual. Coming off of a long and productive tour, the quartet sets themselves for the upcoming 2019 year of new horizons.

In our previous review we’d stated: “Philadelphia’s Hop Along, on April 6th, will drop their 3rd studio album ‘Bark Your Head Off, Dog’. The album isn’t about training your puppy at home. But sure does talk lots about that odd and maybe deep relationship you once had, with that cool guy, but actually he wasn’t as cool as the Universe we live in. Heck, who is though? The answer isn’t very important. The important part is that Hop Along helps us on that train to enjoying the ride. They hold our hands to that magical place, where things are a bit different.”


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