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Hop Along shares new single ‘Not Abel’ off of upcoming album ‘Bark Your Head Off, Dog’.

Philadelphia’s Hop Along, on April 6th, will drop their 3rd studio album ‘Bark Your HEad Off, Dog’. The album isn’t about training your puppy at home. But sure does talk lots about that odd and maybe deep relationship you once had, with that cool guy, but actually he wasn’t as cool as the Universe we live in. Heck, who is though? The answer isn’t very important. The important part is that Hop Along helps us on that train to enjoying the ride. They hold our hands to that magical place, where things are a bit different.

We don’t mind and we dig it.

“Karl Ove Knausgaard wrote a great book called, “A Time for Everything.” I’d say it inspired a lot of little moments, in this song especially,” shares Quinlan. “At one point he writes about Cain and Abel, but approaches it with a far more intimate, even mundane lens, completely unlike the Bible, which is pretty bare of any personal description. As you spend a few days with them, Cain becomes increasingly sympathetic. It’s a funny thing trying to examine beliefs. Sympathy and understanding complicate everything too much I suppose.”

Buy the album [HERE]

Listen to their other single, ‘How Simple’ [HERE]

They’re rep’ed by Saddle Creek, working hard out of Omaha Nebraska.



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