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HORNS Drive Out Your Sins With Some Exorcism. Single ‘Vulgar’ Is Here.

We love curveballs. You know, the items in life that hopefully gives you pleasure, but you’d never thought it coming from that side of the field? Yep. You guessed it: ‘left field’. And in the vastness of life’s little serendipitous hymns, we have HORNS – a band based out of the Dominican Republic, who are rock & rollers, with mounds of attitude and chops.

The band was formed in 2015, and quickly amassed singles to record and publish their first EP. The members clicked quickly playing shows from the beginning of 2016.

From the mouth of singer Enmanuel Morey, breathes fire like Rage Against The Machine, but the twist is that the whole of the band is built around hooks of classic blues based intros. Then you’re kicked quickly into the world of hard-rock, metal, and punk. It’s kind of disorienting, as it keeps on shining with drive and prodigious energy. The starts and stops of the rhythm is reminiscent of heavy-metal, and with the lyrical layering, keeps the audience on their virtual feet, as the guitars keep on pumping and pumping towards an inevitable ‘exorcism’ of the senses.

Fun sh*t, to be sure.

Go, go!



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