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HOT WAX Shares Raucous Single ‘Quit Your Job’. Lessons To Be Learned? Cheeky.

The new single ‘Quite Your Job’ from ‘too-cool-for-school’ band HOT WAX from the Gold Coast of Australia, delivers the kind of gut wrenching reality check. We all work for a living, we all hate the ‘supervisor’ (yea, you know who you are) and circumstances where we all get cold-sweats. It’s just a biological and chemical reaction we get when there’s ‘danger’ or a ‘schmuck coming our way’ from the other side of the office floor needing pie charts.

Anywho, we at CHF know that we’re not too cool to hang with them. And the only consolation is that, at least we have their raucous singles to make us sleep better at night. Better than night-time Tylenol, or night-time Vicks, the band made up of Nicky Swamp, Jakey Brown, Matthew Gray, and Brad “Yogi” Harrison – takes what they’re given and makes sweet apple-pie. Their ‘apple-pie’ is this single, where we rock out, and we become tired from exhilarating exertions, where we promptly smile and giggle to our delight.

“What the heck you talking about CHF??” you ask?


HOT WAX is on a roll, and with the release of the single ‘Quit Your Job’, the rolling gets faster.

Oh, the skate punk sensibilities are strong in this one.

You want 90’s rock / punk / absurd talent? Listen to Hot Wax.

You want coast lifestyle, with all the hangups of more sand in your shoes than you’d like? Listen to Hot Wax.

You just want the toaster to pop the slices without burning? Listen to Hot Wax.



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