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Hotel Johnny // Leopard Rays // JACQ // Prudence // The Good Water

Hotel Johnny – Miles & Miles

HOTEL JOHNNY is a project born for the vast. From humble acoustic stylings, ‘Miles & Miles’ rivets thoughts of vanity of love to actualities of caring and positivity. It is of no distance, and no distance can carry away the inner deep caring for another. It will survive the coldest and the most brutal of challenges. Well, it is an oath from one heart to another. The single majestically glides from one end to the other, as it never resorts to grand-standing. It is shown in its naked glory. Lovely, indeed.

Leopard Rays – I’m Japan

Hartlepool originating hard-rock band keeps a close eye on opportunities. One time, they were on vacation in Florida, and thought that making a band that was savvy, constant, stadium ambitious, and rockin’ in general, would be a great way to go. So they did. LEOPARD RAYS is that classic rock sounds of the 00’s with untamed lyrical indie premonitions and Smashing Pumpkins like nihilism to boot. The band consists of Luke Dawkins, Sean Mccloskey, Tom Pattison and David Wilcox, they stand with chins held high and their instruments in fastidious reckoning. They foresee the future, of futures, as they delve ever deeper into the LEOPARD RAYS’ own worlds. Each song are those worlds, and they are a rockin’ time. Just as planned. Opportunities pay off sometimes, don’t they?

JACQ – Oblivion

Rich Jacques. He’s the thrust of imagination and sonic exuberant for the waves that capture our every being. Personal, subtle, sweet – ‘Oblivion’ is a sentimental diary, where promises are to be kept, even if the other doesn’t know about it yet. It’s you. It’s us. We deliver on the unspoken, and over compensate on how we deal with the love that we have sewn. Rich Jacques, is the keeper of the wisps of gains. ‘Oblivion’ was inspired by the the missile alert that took place in Hawaii (An official 38 minutes of high alert, ultimately caused by human error). But in a real case scenario, what would you do in such dire predicament? What is most important to you? Makes you think when life threatening events cross your way. The veteran of many years, Rich hits at all cylinders in this single, as he continues his mark through into the new age. With over 20 years of working with star musicians and making marks on TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries, his single have his touch, which is recognizable, even if you at first didn’t know who wrote them. Rich’s writing is a tradition sewn into our popular culture.

Prudence – Euphoria

PRUDENCE dances with idiosyncratic oscillation on balance. ‘Euphoria’ is classic with key sparkles, accenting with addictive bass marches and rivetingly malign scanning of the sound landscape. The electro palpitations, keep on rising the significance of the subject, as it simmers in the vapors of the liquid lyrics. All combine to bring an intrinsic journey of thoughts, on a canopy of the heavy and rhythmic. Tom Crandles is the spear unto which PRUDENCE sits. And at the edges of that blade of excellence, Tom clears the cache and lets us enjoy with abandon, the cause and effects of a life in melody, oddity, fascination, and of heartaches. Sustained in bitter-sweet angst, ‘Euphoria’ shines with zero pretense. Latest EP ‘Major Tom’ is by Tom, recorded alone in his Margate, Kent (UK) footprint.

The Good Water – Colours

“’Colours’ is a trip through a lucid dream,” explained frontman Rob Clements. “With kaleidoscope patterns floating down from the sky, and a perpetual feeling of elation. This song is all about obscuring reality whenever possible, and the inevitability of being humbled by our oneness with the universe.” Bellbottoms with flower power comes to mind when the authentically salient and fabulous single ‘Colours’ by THE GOOD WATER plays. And when it plays, there is only one vibe you can think of, and that happiness comes at the expense of joy and psychedelic awesomeness. Yes. Awesomeness. We said it. Founded in 2015, the band is all about rock and having a great time with fans and the like. Since their debut the response has been fabulous with call for live shows at the highest. We think their brand of ‘joy’ will be around for a long, long time.


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