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Hotel Wifi Shares Single ‘Phoenix (A Song For Survivors)’. The First Steps.

Dignity defines someone’s character and self-definition of what worth and weight, for life, can become. Life in most, is all about potentials and possibilities. When milestones are met, there are further milestones to be met.

In HOTEL WIFI’s single ‘Phoenix (A Song For Survivors)’ our thought on potentials and possibilities turn to the actions and ‘definition’ Jackson Smith has wrapped around the project.

The sullied and diminutive lyrics in this single, tells of the suffering that occurs to people of known and the unknown. Screams are amplified by individuals, of being hurt and mentally scattered, in their lives. But are the screams we hear, real echoes of the real pain inside – hidden, scared – wanting a real shoulder to cry on?

Loudness doesn’t necessarily mean there is communication being delivered successfully. We need to dive in, deeper, and deeper.

But a helping touch, is always a great first step.

“There’s a steadily increasing number of friends and family who have been affected by sexual and domestic abuse. and it’s gotten to a point where I don’t want to stand by and watch my friends suffer on their own.”

‘Phoenix’ is a beautiful song. We dig it for the real message done in an aligned and poignant method it was presented.



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