Hounding ‘Peach Fuzz’ : It’s apparent that Hounding makes your day.


Peach Fuzz’ is the second track on the EP.

“This was written around the time I first heard Joyce Manor’s ‘I think I’m still in love with you’ – late 2018. I really liked the simplicity of the track as a whole and the thick, fuzzy guitars. This track deals with a recurring nightmare I had as a child that I would become suddenly lost at sea, with all my books floating around me.”

The sizzle is in the bacon. In Hounding’s case, the grizzle makes that sizzle, delicious. What are we talking about?

It’s the simplest of the garage punk vibe that rocks your world just with a touch of the hands of music. It’s the stress free radical feelz that makes you dance like a maniac on that dancefloor.

With hooky punk chords, and moderate to severe goodness humps throughout their offerings, it’s apparent that Hounding makes your day.

And guess in today’s world, that ain’t half bad.

Hounding’s ‘Peach Fuzz’ is ace.


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