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House on the Water Shares ‘Bicephalous’.

HOUSE ON THE WATER’s single ‘Bicephalous’ is glorious. The harmonies and melodies just downright drench us with emotions, to the core. The duo from North Carolina are a fabulous example of bringing back parts of the classic indie-rock of past.

Also, in a good way, they remind us of the ‘melodic attitudes’ of a Christian rock band like ‘Jars Of Clay’ (we’re just saying about the ‘attitude’ and not the actual output).

We know, we know. Maybe just too much out on a limb? Maybe it’s just us? We say this as a compliment to the the band, tis all.

Well, we think good music construction is just that, and when you listen to HOUSE ON THE WATER’s singer’s vocals – just can’t help it. The calmness of his vocal eccentricities and the rippling effect of the guitar work (on this single and their other singles) makes them delicious to listen to.

House On The Water surely knows how to make a hooky song.

Refreshing, to be sure.

We’re definitely looking forward to more from this band, and get to know them more, in the near future.


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