House Plants ‘Mom and Dad’ : The inexorable cadence of serious emotions and thoughts.

House Plants

“It seemed there was a moment in time where all of my friends were getting divorces, or experiencing their mom and dad’s getting divorces,” said House Plants (Kyle Stringer). “I was on a hike one day, and started singing the chorus to the song, so I recorded it in my voice memo, and shortly after that, I sang the guitar part and recorded it as well.”

Written from an adolescent’s perspective, and feeling very tongue-in cheek, the inexorable cadence of serious emotions and thoughts, linger in the contrasting uplift of the song’s construction. The nuance of living, is never forsaken, as the protagonist tries real hard to come to a conclusion, and move one.

Even when hurt is still going on.

Kyle’s music is created and recorded in bedrooms from the Midwest to the West Coast with pop and indie rock sensibilities. Songs began forming in 2015, first as iPhone voice memos, and finally taking shape in the form of actual recordings.

Now coming to a fulfilling circle, his full debut will drop August 21st.


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