Houston ‘Do you believe’ : Rockin’ AOR zest for you senses.


Houston is a Swedish 5 piece AOR rock band that’s been around since their self-titled debut album in 2010 where in the same year landed number one in Classic Rock Magazine’s AOR chart, going up against outfits such as Unruly Child, Crashdiet, H.e.a.t and Nelson.

Built around the talents of members Hank Erix (Lead vocals), Soufian Ma’Aoui (Bass), Calle Hammar (Guitars/Backing vocals), Victor Lundberg (Keyboards/Backing vocals ) and Oscar Lundström (Drums), the veteran band knows how to get you butts moving out of the seats and into that gloriously nostalgic mood you’d been waiting for.

Tight and focused, and out to make you heat up with joy, the band’s M.O. is live stadium goodness that is fully engaged and ready to get you all ready to rock.

And that mission is accomplished with every event.

AOR is a special melodic disciplinary genre that just gets you where, you’d never thought. And when you get there, you’re just glad you’d been a part. With Houston, that gathering is guaranteed and that memory will last.

Let’s rock.


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