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The Howard Hughes Suite ‘Haphazard Highway’: Ride that long road. Avoid the potholes.

Acceptance in doubt crops up very much often in most of our lives. There are times when even the most happiest stretch of time, just isn’t very satisfying. The Howard Hughes Suite, in his certain way, tackles that intrinsic concerns in Haphazard Highway.

Why do we torture ourselves like this?

It isn’t fair to feel like the way we do.

Do others see me, the way I see myself?

Even with plenty of friends and support, why do I feel alone?

There can never be an answer to the mythical feelings we sometimes garner for ourselves. It’s a chemical situation that, perhaps, has been with us since the species began.

Who knows.

All we can do is to try to avoid those potholes in the road, and hope not to get a flat tire along the way.

It’s a long road.

It’s hard, most of the time.

It’s a battle.

Oh well, what can we do.

Let’s just keep on, keepin’ on, and see if we can do better next day.

Too positive?

Well, careful steps. 1-2-3…



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