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Howlin’ Circus // Noah Derksen // Mother Night // killkiyoshi // Mr. Lazy

Howlin’ Circus – Take It On

“I wanna feel better, I wanna love bigger.” Yep. That’s the first line from ‘Take It On’. And you know exactly what the gang in Howlin’ Circus is talking about. That’s right, the excitement you feel when playing the game of chess. Cold sweat pouring down your forehead, as the Knight takes Rook, in a decisive move. Erm. Just kidding. Of course they’re talking about thinking in a different way! It’s about the world and you isolating your self, needlessly! Chess is fun, but not that fun. You gotta “feel better and love bigger!” We all can. Preach it brother! ‘Take It On’ is the single off of their upcoming debut album ‘Run The Wrong Way’ (March 22nd). Dig it like you want the big love.

Noah Derksen – What Kind of Love is That

From the expanse of west coast of British Columbia, NOAH DERKSEN, writes his music with a full on view towards the future, with a grip on his past and roots of his upbringing. His grounded lyrical works is classic and utterly beautiful to read and listen to. Manitoba winters, optimism, the coastline, and the environment that has helped shape him as an adult is never forgotten. Heartbreaking, heartfelt, relentlessly proud, the single ‘What Kind oF Love Is That’ evokes the somber and introspective days and nights in the capital of his heart and soul. Written from his rented Portland, Oregon room, he constructs a new world from his gorgeous acoustic music. This single is from his new EP ‘America, Dreaming (Part One)’. It is the first part of the full length album to be released in 3 separate EPs in 2019.

Mother Night – Not Ourselves

MOTHER NIGHT is from the depths of the cold, ancient and forever. ‘Not Ourselves’ is subliminally unfathomable. It selects and distributes neurons of information from here no there, with all the care and empathy in the world. The silent calm of the vocals, to the synth warbles, and elements that drive and separate isometric indignities which we life. The trance-like digital forest of sounds, hauled into control by the distinctively petulant bass licks, delicately traverse over the marsh lands in the steppes of your mind. As the synth-wave sonic attack starts and bends, it’s too late to eject from your flight. You’re seated in for the full ride, as you start to give in – give in to the rhythms. Give in to the MOTHER NIGHT. Their upcoming debut album ‘A Lifetime of Uninhibited Pleasure’ will be released this April 8th, which will guaranteed a very exciting year for the band. Quality if job one, and MOTHER NIGHT doesn’t disappoint with textures beyond rapport. We can’t wait to keep covering them, more and more.

killkiyoshi – 2GETHER

killkiyoshi’s done it again, and he won’t be saying “whoops!” That’s because as is the case, his works come with the emotional ties which makes his songs oh so delicious. Dream-pop conjoined by bedroom-pop anesthetics, bring this malaise of a soul onto the notes and helps you never to let go. KK stated about ‘2GETHER’: “Made this song at 4am while stressing about class the next day and at the time, was missing my old house. While writing the lyrics to this song, I tried to explain the things I was currently going through in hopes that people may be able to relate to some of the lyrics within the song and find comfort in them.” What a son-of-a gun. Talented AND humble. Well, we’ll do our part in disseminating this little diddy, KK. Let’s let the world know you are there for them.

Mr. Lazy – Carry of little boy and fat man (how pathetic it is to pretend it as yours)

MR. LAZY is the solo project of Jimi Kim. The South Korea based conceptual musician and artist impounds his heart and mind into experimentation in contracted sounds, immediate pauses, recyclable attitudes, unforgivable torments, and the cylindrical emotions delighted by the few and far between. Jim is working on his research on philosophical meanings behind Anarchism and Freedom in his works. His experimental music is integral to his research activities, as it is obvious to others, that sound waves hit at the core of philosophical attentions, as does political and bureaucratic mechanisms in concepts of communication, knowledge, behavior and control. The perfect complement.


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