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Howlin’ Circus // River Meets Sea // Drens // The Happy Pill Academy // Emanuel Tägil

Howlin’ Circus – Run The Wrong Way

Jafar Sandouk started the way to bringing HOWLIN’ CIRCUS’ beginnings when he’d left his home of London to Canada, after the Brexit vote in 2016. As the uncertainty and possible tragedies of that historic vote by the UK public, Jafar’s new plans for his new rock n’ roll project continues with deep and penetrating harmonies and introspections. Difficult times sometimes bring new and fabulous art to the fore. This is one of those times. Word. Adam Burnell and Bryan Swartz completes the trio lineup, and their debut full length album ‘Run The Wrong Way’ drops February 2019.

River Meets Sea – Won’t You Stay

With silent and demure tribal yells from the lyrics, RIVER MEETS SEA (formerly Joe Osborne & The Winter Moon) keeps the relative visions of what’s sought and gained in this virtual world. The intimacy of the single ‘Won’t You Stay’ mixes the outcrops of distinctions and emotional wildness, to a trickle of how it’s delineated, personally and secretively. Joe’s vocals depict the contentment for the dis-satisfactions that harm our edges in life. But the affectionate drama, keeps the lid on, and tempts you to dig a little deeper for that rawest of meanings. Let’s meander through this wilderness, together.

Drens – Yellow Teeth

The punk 4-piece from Dortmund & Cologne, Germany keeps it real, as ever, with ‘Yellow Teeth’. The fun of their songs are of the basic rawness that is kept just at the hips and delivers with the energy you always seek from such outfits. We’d gotten to know them since the past Spring of this year, and they stay true to punk like we’d like it. The strength is within the clean and honest lyrical works, sided with the punk/skater edge that is so delicious.

The Happy Pill Academy – … and then to black

Fabulous one-man project THE HAPPY PILL ACADEMY which deep-dives into his personal soul to produce this dark and eery outcrop of a single ‘…And Then To Black’. It’s an exercise of constraint and willful obsolescence towards the future and maybe the current state of affairs. The grunge aesthetics of the single brings us to a former decade of decadence. And all are accepted, in this relationship of the mind, and unrelenting search for some kind of meaning.

Emanuel Tägil – Never Let Us Go

Sweden based, fabulous singer/songwriter Emanuel Tägil brings this single of mystery and intrigue. ‘Never Le Us Go’ is off of the debut EP ‘The Countryside Smiles To The Ghosts’ (available now) and the granular picking of the guitar, framed to the constant keys, remind us of the travels that is up ahead. Emanuel’s languid and unique vocal presentation, emits contrasts to an often insane life we often lead. ‘Never Let us Go’ is an enigmatic promise to what will be, and of forging forward to settle in the goals we deem important.


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