HubbaBubbas x Kwak Blue Sky (곽푸른하늘) ‘Rumble Under My Toes’ : Encapsulating in the most most profound in love.

'Rumble Under My Toes' / Album art: @natcharata

Singapore indie-pop trio HubbaBubbas collaborates with K-Indie artist Kwak Pureunhaneul (곽푸른하늘) on their brand new single ‘Rumble Under My Toes’. It is the offering in conjunction with single ‘Sunset In My Pocket’, which the original version has just been nominated for five categories at the Singapore Youth Music Awards 2020.

HubbaBubbas is a 3 piece indie pop band from Singapore made up of talents Steph (Frontwoman), Ryan (Guitar), and Mervyn (Beatbox).

“When we were facing uncertainty,” said Stephanie, of HubbaBubbas, “we weren’t able to find much music to relate to because a lot of the music that we were listening to always had a clear feeling of the artist’s emotions – joy, sorrow… and for good reason. But we felt this was a part of ourselves that was not so clear, and we wanted to encapsulate it in a song. We also thought that perhaps there were people out there who felt the same way, and we found Kwakpu. She shared with us her personal reasons for being on a hiatus from music, and you can feel her emotions from her performance in the studio.”

HubbaBubbas’ first show in Korea was when they played at Seoul’s indie music festival Zandari Festa in 2017. They loved the country so much that they went back again to tour in 2019, and that was when they wrote this song with Kwak Pureunhaneul (also known as “Hongdae IU”), a nickname she picked up from her time on Korean television talent show series Superstar K.

The 2 song EP is out now.

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Hi, we’re back. Dropping a new single tomorrow and it’s one that makes us feel quite self-conscious. The band has been together for 8 years now and sometimes it feels as though we’ve achieved nothing. Sure, streams and bops are nice and stuff but is it going to change the world? Or does it change us? There are many doubts/worries that plague our minds along the way of writing music. What if this doesn’t make money for us to keep doing it for the long term? What if people don’t feel anything in our music? But I think the last blow was when we started to question if we even believed in ourselves anymore. That ate at us for a long time, so much so that we couldn’t even work on a song without criticising it till the flame for it died. And that’s the funny thing about the condemning voice. It sometimes bashes our self till it doesn’t even make sense anymore but the emotional valence is still vivid. Despite all of this, somewhere deep inside of us knows that we loved making music and we needed to follow that and take a more constructive step. So we wrote a song draft about this. And we took it to Korea. We knew we wanted to work with @kwakpu on this song because there is just something special about her voice and songwriting that brings out an authentic melancholy. Somehow, God also brought us people crazy enough to go to Korea with us. Thank you @pak.nicole, @dan.nailedit and @cherylraphaella. ❤️ Thus, Rumble Under My Toes was born. It’s not the fun and bouncy part of us. It’s the part of us that wants to cry and give up yet we’re not willing to fully give up because we love it so much. We have no idea if y’all get what we’re saying or if this is something y’all have gone through, so I guess we’ll leave it to the release tomorrow. Take care and stay safe guys, HBBBS Photo by @rollingpiepictures (Daniel & Cheryl) Handwriting by @natcharata #RUMT #sgmusic #krmusic #sgmusician #korea #hbbbs #pureunhaneul #곽푸른하늘 #하바바바스 #ハバババス #팝 #라이브쇼

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