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Hugh – Sense To You Ft Bonjay

Luscious. That is how you might want to describe HUGH’s latest single ‘Sense To You’. The duo team of Andy Highmore, Joshua Idehen have constructed a honeycomb of golden shimmer with this single. And it kind of makes you crazy at how it makes you feel. You search and shout out for your partner in life. You swipe around the darkness of this existence, looking for that one glimmer of brightness. She can give that to you. He can offer it on a platter. With dreamy synth bass, the single caresses with undeserved but desired sweet love of affection and candor. Look for more from this dynamic project.

merce – Poison

𝙼𝚎𝚛𝚌𝚎𝚍𝚎𝚜 𝙳’𝙰𝚖𝚊𝚝𝚘 is creative force behind the project, merce. ‘Poison’ comes off as a slow ballad of swooning pasts and stories of what could have been. But Mercedes isn’t about that. She defines her art, her existence, and of what she brings to this Universe. The anthemic and emphatic single, is a defiant call to arms for a gal – a boy – whom look for a better scene and a betterment of the future. merce has big plans. And we agree she should. With expressive vocals, tied to glory with altruistic electro vibes, the artist with the ample gumption and knowhow, wants to be your electro-pop gal. This single ‘Poison’ is a collaboration with producers DirtyVibezs & Kodat.

HAYL – Feel Again

“I want to show my heart and my bubbly personality through my music,” said HAYL. “I love having deep convos with people, and I want my music to be just that; love, hurt, struggle, jealousy, happiness & so much more because we’re all human, well most of us.” Beautiful sentiments, isn’t it? At the core, we think we all do too. People are fragile things. We need a certain amount of support and validation. It’s not always a bad thing to have at a certain level. Like anything in life, ‘excess’ is the key balancing question. Deep and involved relationships, whether fleeting conversations or a love-for-the-ages, being ‘alive’ means the world to an individual. That taste for life, lives again, when you’re loved. HAYL wants that for us. That’s why we dig this single, so.

Celine Love – Rose Coloured

The world can be a harsh and dirty place to live. As adults, we humans divide, conquer, label, shame, and kill with the basics of prejudicial tools that are available. The color of our skin and our ethic variances, comes into play, as it always have from time in memorial. But each and every one of us, had a short time when we didn’t need to, nor had the inkling to be so discriminating in such ‘frivolous’ ways. But those days slip aways as we grow older and become filled with more knowledge of the world. Isn’t it ironic that maturity sometimes means being more judging of others? Survival? Maybe. But as higher thinking being on this earth, it’s certainly something that we all need to try to manage better. CELINE LOVE is a small but powerful addition to that mission. A singer/songwriter based out of Hamburg Germany, her growth into womanhood had a similar direction. “The idea behind ‘Rose Coloured’ was to capture memories, moments and situations that describe the blissful ignorance of my childhood…It reminded me of a pivotal time as a child, before I became aware of the differences in skin colour and hair structure…‘Rose Coloured’ is an almost desperate wish to have that mindset back. The wish to live in a ‘fools paradise’.” The conscious commitment for enlightenment and a message of hope is what we take out of this single. It’s a song of beautiful sentiments, done right.

Elin K – Wandering soul

Gothenburg based artist/songwriter ELIN K is a genre-mixing Swedish provocateur. Recently dropping her EP ‘Warriros’, the strong hearted artisan of words and notes, keeps her energies to a maximum effort, as her drive for success through her music glows. ‘Wandering Soul’ is a hard-rock framed commentary on resistance to the past, it surges notes of how that exact notion of being special in this world can bring you to a better place. Being lost is a common thing. More uncommon is to drive yourself out of that darkness. ELIN K thinks you can do it. We tend to agree with the songstress.


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