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Hugo Alley // Places Back Home // Tasteful Thief // Luca Vasta // J + The Bishops

Hugo Alley – Georgia

Currently in the studio finalizing their second EP ‘Point, Place’, the Kitchener Ontario originating band HUGO ALLEY, is that hearty night out on the town. It’s been a long week. It’s been hellava long month. And you just need some rock and some brews with your friends. ‘Georgia’ affords that exact luxury, you never take for granted. Made up of Jake Lomax, Travis Fiander, Jordan Osz, Owen Tester, and Viktor Yakovlev, fighting for every inch is all about what the band sings about. With energetic, post-punk-emo extravagance coming off of their instruments, they pop with stage presence, even in a studio recording. The supple and amiable vocals, decide on which fork in the road to take, as you look for clues to keeping the party going.

Places Back Home – Not I

With a bravado and vibes, the band from Fort Collins, Colorado make it look so dang easy to dig their songs. ‘Not I’ is an enigmatic placement for the anthem that will one day drive you into the next level. It’s a song of promise and commitments, knowing the effects that exist in this world – but deciding to go ahead and go forth. Made up of Chris Tofano, Bailey Entner, Robert Garren, and Collin Stover, the band delivers in this latest single, as the emotional travel is clearly passed on and communicated with a truth that is binding. From guitar sentiments, to the vocal expression of resistance to an old foe – the song is a good demonstration of what the band’s capable talents can build. ‘Not I’ is some heat, for that cool evening of thought and introspection. It’s an indie banger.

Tasteful Thief – Dirty Clean

Bluesy, rockin’, rhymin’ – the cast of characters cited in TASTEFUL THIEF. And from this fabulous artist comes this single ‘Dirty Clean’, which is akin to the days of Austin City Limits and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Of course having that SRV growl won’t be possible, but the fabulous fun oriented blues intensity in song construction, lives within ‘Dirty Clean’. The pace is much more chill, but when this project of Tyler Wright (based in Nashville) gets his guitar and song going, there’s only one direction – and that’s to fun town Palookaville. The 90’s rock with modern lyrical construction, laced in for greater shine, bares big fruits of contentment when TASTEFUL THIEF ‘steals’ you away. The song is about: “…having a harsh criticism of people but also having problems of your own.” A struggle we all can relate to, no? Tyler’s got the vibes. Looking to see where he goes from here.

Luca Vasta – Scenes

LUCA VASTA’s single ‘Scenes’ is right out of the 70’s, as the deep mahogany vibes of her vocals, delicately reach in and show you a world of drama and revelation. Catchy piano, timing, harps and flutes, rhythm through like a spaceship in a time machine, glancing at the speeding hues of generations passing and waving goodbye. The theatrical harmonies, reminiscent of STYX and Queen, adds a fervor of layering, smooth in texture and beautiful in touch. In whole, the song captures the longing of not and the forever, within a digital 21st century landscape – revealing nothing, and everything. Social media is the future. The future, in which we firmly ride, as of now. Look for her new album which is set to drop on September 6th.

J + The Bishops – Pretty Baby

In 2018, Jose Hernandez decided to move away from his band, The Black Magic Waters. Now with a new direction and style, the more soulful vibes of J + The Bishops, the Oklahoma City based artist kicks into another angle of his musical side, citing more vibes that are akin to Prince or D’Angelo. With friends and bandmates, Alex Coleman, Ryan Magnani, Alberto Roubert, and Kendrick McKinney-Keys, the band’s single ‘Pretty Baby’ exactly marks a special territory in the scene. The ultra demure delivery of lines, with the still bubbling indie-rock fervor, not so far out of reach, the single tickles your sensibilities and teases you with an emblazoned sonic attack. The new single marks a new start. The band’s new focus, means much to look forward to.


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