Hugo M. Hardy ‘Swallow Your Words’ : “Tempestuous pride”. Withered away; swiveled in loving energies.

Hugo M. Hardy

Hugo M. Hardy lays everything on the table for his latest release ‘Swallow Your Words’. It is a gorgeous combination of minimalist folk and avant-garde pop dripping in modern nostalgia.

Fusing dynamic vocals with indie-folk haunts, the irrevocably daunting but beautiful weight of Hugo’s enveloping single gushes with lavender visions. A tantamount urge for something ‘real’, the protagonist of ‘Swallow Your Words’ is a lesson learned, that devastates but never eases with time and space. Only a preserving attitude of pride swallowing strength, can overcome this hurt. This mind of a shattered past.

Hugo said: “This song is about feeling too afraid and too powerless to remove yourself from a bad situation. It’s scary, and can be really hard to get out, but ultimately you have to find the strength to take control and move forward positively.”

This single is only the second release under his own name. However, it’s a glance into something very special, as its preponderance for excellence, shines with each and every fold of Hugo’s lyrical and emotionally tallied musical constitution.

‘Swallow Your Words’ is a beautiful offering.


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