Human Barbie ‘Get a Life’ : “Of having no clear way through the dark, but pressing ahead anyway.”

Human Barbie

Human Barbie is the project of frontman, producer, and songwriter Christopher Leopold. The title track ‘Get a Life’ is of ‘resolve and ‘merely’ in hope. From the ashes of the life Christopher calls on the listener to burn in the opening lines of the title track, there will rise no Phoenix.

‘Get a Life’ “is stuck in the perpetual violence of the ouroboros snake, forever eating its own tail. And if there is any single, clear message of the ouroboros, it is that of pain. The pain of knowing. Of simply being alive. Of having no clear way through the dark, but pressing ahead anyway.”

‘Get a Life’ is featured in the upcoming debut LP. It is “less a collection of songs, and more an artifact of creative introspection and reflection”.

Formed in 2018, Human Barbie is an amalgamation of a lifetime of AM-radio road trips and midnight vinyl

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Whatsup gram fam!!! I just wanted to take a moment to thank the badass music journalists that took the time to listen to my new track and share their kind and insightful words. . What these writers do is so crucial for independent / DIY artists – if you haven't spent much time exploring these sites, take a minute sometime and check out what they're doing. It's a whole universe of music discovery, and they're writing out of love for the art and the scene. . @buzzbandsla @birpfm @essentiallypop @hi54lofi @stgablog @getsomemagazine @eartothegroundmusic . These mfers keep us alive, and creating music would way way harder without them – show them some love!! 😁 . Anyways, that's it for now – stay safe, take action, take care of each other 🙌 . . . . . #musicjournalism #musicjournalist #indiemusic #buzzbands #bedroompop ##indiepop #diymusic #diymusician #homerecording #musicvideo #losangelesmusic #indiefolk #musicblog #musicblogger #playlistcurator

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YES!!! we have an epic show tomorrow the 24th at @residentdtla come hang my friends!!! . @tisketgram is back in town!! @mbrundrett & @fink.instruments & @giantfellow are unstoppable gods of rock & roll!! I love this band and everyone in it. . We're playing with @stevedukeheart & @theeyyes and it's gonna be a killer killer family hang. @slimreaperlightshow is rocking TV stacks w/ a custom video light show we created just for this event. . So yeah, come to this 😁 TIX link in bioooooooo . I love you 😘 . [ 📷: @thejaypoe ] . . . . . #TV #custom #lightshow #losangeles #dtla #artsdistrict #livemusic #rockandroll #indie #analog #lofi #california #friends #special #event #hot #freaky #guitar #magic #fun #mystical #new #songs #awesomefriends

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