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Human Beat Shares ‘Contact’. “Get wild. Be more human.”

HUMAN BEAT is a band which banded together by slashing away the norms. By way of Birmingham Alabama and Chicago Illinois, the band of males and females, collectively decided to amass, mass tunes of destruction, so that our indie hearts can smile again.

Listening to records, and drinking (of all beers) Coors Banquets, the American act with the garage hints and indie-rock fervor, has a knack for tickling your nose with magic powder of refreshing notes.

The deadpan, straight laced antecedents of voice and off kilter guitar chords, make HUMAN BEAT’s single ‘Contact’ an anointing juxtaposition for your senses.

You’ll dig.

And you’ll dance.

You hear?!

Look for more from their debut LP, which will drop August 23rd.

HUMAN BEAT is: Leslie Noles, Raidy, Chayse Porter, and Rolfe Briney IV.



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