Human ‘Brash’ : Fusion of energy and palpable dexterity. A grand entrance of the best kind.


“I’ve loved electronic music since I can remember but just recently got into producing/writing it,” said Human. “I wouldn’t necessarily place it in a club setting but I could see it as a part of a soundtrack or something like that.”

No. ‘Brash’ doesn’t. Its strength is its unique perspective, indeed.

Human, the Nashville Tennessee based electronics alchemist does the Universe a favor with ‘Brash’. The single is a dark grill of emotive ambitions, rounded by the simmering thoughts of the underworld of your own.

From end to end, and corner to corner a fusion of energy and palpable dexterity, ‘Brash’ is a grand entrance of the best kind.

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New jams coming soon!

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