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Human Heat – This House

Human Heat’s This House reminds us of the restless nature of ourselves. We sometimes become irritable, not content, angry, silent. And sometimes, we are all those – at once. It’s a disaster waiting to happen, for all in hand reachable vicinity.

It’s a true calling, if one thinks about it. We’re not perfect. Who is? It’s a matter of degree, isn’t it? Some are ‘nearer’ to perfection, than others. And sometimes, it’s just due to individual perception of what ‘perfection’ is to them.

Alex Schaaf, the leader of Human Heat, we think tries to tell that whole package. The package laid on the table, with pink bow and nice little card. The opened card says “Happy Birthday”. But the contents, send mixed signals. A battery of misnomers, and silent death threats, riddle the occasion with spikes.

Our hearts are full with the nature, that gets in the way. These are the thoughts that put hurdles in front of our dreams. Of career, family life, wants, needs, desires – all fall apart.

Not knowing what to do is a solitary, and sobering incident.

No. It’s not for us. And we must, at times, reflect that in our souls, and with our voice. Things don’t work out the way we’d planned or dreamed.

But there can always an alternative – a different way to that goal.

Let’s forget “This House” – lets move forward.

We dig.



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