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human in bloom // Pistol Hill // James Longstreet // Kini Solana // Ian Wayne

human in bloom – The Armoury

Intro EP from HUMAN IN BLOOM for the upcoming album ‘Altered Being | Being Altered’ (drops early 2019)? Heck, if this is the intro morsel, than the rock in this roll, will kick our ass in the full album. If you have a chance take a peek at the guitar heavy indie-rock goodness in this band. The attraction is real, and there’s fever on the way.

Pistol Hill – Brand New Bottle of Whiskey

North Carolinian award winning country singer PISTOL HILL combined forces with Billy Hume and produces a single that is all about the man who has irreparably been hurt and wants to drown the sorrows. The classic country vocals of PH helps to depict the intensity of the damage. And when a man is hurt, he hurts as badly as the next. No resolution, but a thorough promise of following up with defeating this temporary demon of the protagonist’s broken heart.

James Longstreet – Bar Room

JAMES LONGSTREET drives our memories to the younger days of our childhoods. The fantastically written lyrics, on top of a calm and confident vocals of a country singer, makes things just so delectable to ingest. A country song like this is what the doctor ordered, when you’re a bit down and had a bad week. It is the license that you need to go have a little fun, meet those friends of yours, and slap some knees kind of fun. No worries for a moment on your shoulders and just like you were attending a show at the Grand Ole Opry. Beautiful stuff.

Kini Solana – unresolved

KINI SOLANA is a singer/songwriter who combines the solidarity of the haze of relationships gone into hiding. The emotional predicaments that pop up in those times of plenty, and subsequent down turn on the value, is quietly and gently summed up by Kini’s vocals of retribution and solace. The sweet entanglements of thoughts flood against the backdrop of heartache and confusion. The synth drives this message deeper, as the melodies pin down your collage of memories.

Ian Wayne – Girlfriend

IAN WAYNE’s voice is of an angel who’d you, in reality, would like to hang with. It’s the voice of a no-nonsense angel, who truly understands your plight. It is true that you had made a mess of your relationships, plans, and life in general. But the voice of that angel, has your back, in his own way. Ian’s voice commands understanding but urges you to try better for the corner of life that you seek. ‘Girlfriend’ is off of their latest album ‘A Place Where Nothing Matters’ which was recorded and mixed over the course of a year and a half. The 12 track album does cover all of the nooks and crannies of Ian’s musical commandments, and it’s just a fabulously delightful experience. Just like the touch of an angelic friend, over your shoulders. Have at it.


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