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Human Resources Shares ‘Later Love f/ Little Stranger’. Sound Of The Young Heart In Love. Crackle In Shimmer.

It was love at first sight. He was enamored by her talent, her beauty, her heart. He knew this. He was certain. He’d never been more certain. She was strong hearted, and kind. She was industrious, and practical. She was also romantic, and had her eyes on him. From the first introduction, to the last syllable of each and every sentence he spoke.

Human Resources ‘ Later Love f/ Little Stranger’ is pop. But it’s so new wave and indie. It’s a perplexing conduit. But the filter must be cleaned out sometime in your musical brain. And it’s more than appropriate with ‘Later Love’.

Mix of stage, rock, retro, indie, pop, and rap is a plate of delectable combination that is to be slurped up. We did. And it tastes fabulous.

It just can’t be helped.

The strawberry jam, with its texture gleamingly soluble, the seeds of the inkling we had – in that life of moments we loved, hated, blamed, and accepted.

The story cycles every day.

That story is today and now, and tomorrow.

He was lost in her blue-green eyes. Her smart characteristics drowned him in her attraction – and he loved her and the situation.

It was a small slice of heaven – everyday.

Human Resources is rep’ed by Coast Records.

A new album is due sometime this summer.



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