Humans ‘Noose’ : Primavera of delights, that brings out the wild cat in you.


Humans’ single ‘Noose’ is a trip. It’s all that is good from the past, packaged in the smooth suggestions of the vocals, and thrown overboard into a sea of emotions for engagement and envelopment.

With a bass riff that is as succulent as the heights of something bands like Moloko, Thievery Corporation, or Groove Armada would preside, ‘Noose’ is a primavera of delights, that brings out the wild cat out of anyone who listens. It’s just so dance inducing, thought provoking and oh so futuristically current.

Humans is a Canadian indie-electronic duo made up of musicians Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq. Focusing on performance and production styles of both the past and present, Humans have consistently impressed upon audiophiles with their technical and compositional skills.

‘Going Late’ is the latest LP and it’s out now. It’s a riot to listen to.


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