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Hundreds ‘Ready Shaking SIlent’ : Again staking its claim to fame with… poignant and radical subtleties.”

Upcoming album ‘The Current’ drops March 27th 2020.

J Konrad Schmidt

‘Ready Shaking Silent’ is the latest single from the crackin’ German electro-pop outfit, Hundreds. The track is included in the band’s 4th and upcoming album ‘The Current’ (March 27th 2020). This will be Hundreds’ first release since their ‘Wilderness’ album, in 2015.

“I see it as feminist,” lead singer Eva Milner said on the new single, “about standing up to the bullies who impede you from finding your voice.” It exercises a dignified, elegant poise, while the tension hidden within the quiet fizz of verses sometimes recall Metronomy with the unfurling of its delicate chorus. Milner’s vocals add to its subversive appeal, as they successfully mask lyrics like “I will rip your words /Out of your pretty mouth… I’m setting fire to your scalp”.

Eva also described the video, where she stated: “The director, Susi Erler and I had a great desire to create a pure performance video that doesn’t tell a story, but is nevertheless powerful in its visuals and its meaning. The dancer Soner Kacar and Eva are the counterparts, while Eva with her evocative movements and rhymes draw him under her spell and make him do what she wants. The overarching idea of ‘Ready Shaking Silent’ is solidarity in the fight against injustice.”

Initially galvanized by the work of artists such as The Knife and Thom Yorke, then spurred further by the likes of Grizzly Bear, Cinematic Orchestra, Son Lux and St. Vincent – Hundreds’ work has prevailed in staking its claim to fame with obliterating-ly poignant and radical subtleties of light and the dark. A supposition in candle-lit intuitions, glamorized with the utterly beautiful and descriptive vocals of said, Eva.

Eva and Philipp Milner are the duo with uncanny tastes, and an even more decadent cult for artistic expressions.

The project is pure and purely cosmic.

See them next @ Elbphilharmonie Hamburg on January 12th.



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