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Hurst Shares ‘Purple & Green’. “They Wouldn’t Know What Hit Them.”

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Rambunctious and excitable, Randall, got up from the bed and headed to the kitchen. His head was full of ideas for the day, and his heart rate increased incrementally, as he poured his cereal. He hadn’t slept a wink, for the excitement of, what he thought was going to be the ‘invention of the year’, just didn’t let him. He was sure he’d crash later on, but this wasn’t the first time that had happened.

The auditorium was full and the table was all set for Randall. He had come a bit early and had set up to perfection, on how he wanted to present his invention to the judges.

The loops were perfect. The posters were perfect. The descriptive diagrams were perfect.

His tie was perfect. His short sleeve button-up shirt was blue and inviting. His hair was combed to perfection, with each strand waxed to stay put.

It was 6 AM. His alarm clock was loud.

What a dream that was.

At least he had a battle plan from his restful night.

His competition he thought “was dog meat”. They wouldn’t know what hit them.

HURST’s music video for ‘Purple & Green’ is ‘minimal’ at best, but it’s not about the music video, in our eyes. The song is where it’s at, and this single is crisp and fun, and dang it, really likable.

Their upcoming 2nd EP ‘Sadface’ is due to drop July 13th.

It’s not an accident the band’s single is one of our features.

And we think they should be one to consider, for your rotation as well.

The band consists of: Ana Veira, Jake Bisognin, Ben Zamor, and Nick Zammit.



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