Husbands ‘Garth’ : Let your insides feel oh so welcomed. It’ll do you good.


Husbands (Wil Norton and Danny Davis) are what responsible people should do in their building of their futures. The duo takes grinning and bearing with a savory charm and warmth.

“This song’s about living in the shadow of greatness, transcending the small-town mindset, and the sensation of cruising the main drag and feeling mixed emotions of nostalgia, joy, ennui. Roll down the windows: here’s “Garth,” your sweetly melancholy homecoming summer jam.”

Jam. It’s a fun word. And when you put it together with Husbands’ brand of it, it churns into this batter of goodness that is unmistakable.

Let your insides feel oh so welcomed with ‘Garth’. It’ll do you good.


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