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Husbands Shares ‘Mexico’. “Breathtaking dreams. Champagne future.”

“Took the words…right out of my mouth”

To keep it simple. To gain perspective. And to keep the vibes of your energy, topped up and relevant to your life. That’s what ‘Mexico’ is all about.

A little soul searching individually, culminates at the drain of a couple with thoughts about big changes and future adaptations. Courage and enlightenment, when other’s are involved, are needed by the bucketful.

Danny said: “I spent last summer housesitting with my wife in Costa Rica. I spent the summer surfing, writing music, and playing poker with the locals. It was the best time of our lives, but it also wrecked us. We came back to Seattle, disillusioned about our days spent looking at code, working in cubes working 9-5s with no end in sight. “Mexico” is based on a conversation we had one time about moving south to a tropical place to be poor and happy together. I’ll admit, it’s a cliché gripe about a cliché life with a cliché pipe dream of a solution: let’s move to Mexico, baby.”

For now, it’s a dream, but an attainable dream.

Still that thought of it is far, but ‘breathtaking’ otherwise.

HUSBANDS (Wil Norton and Danny Davis) makes dream-pop like good husbands and boyfriends can.

At least they should.



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