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Husbands Share ‘3AM’. Off of their upcoming 2nd LP ‘After the Gold Rush Party’ (January 2020).

Husbands (Wil Norton and Danny Davis) makes dream-pop like good husbands and boyfriends can. Off of their upcoming 2nd LP ‘After the Gold Rush Party’ (January 2020), the duo of different residential footholds, gather their talents together to make sweet music for the masses.

Will said: “I’ve loved ‘3AM’ since 2015 when Danny first put it on Dropbox. ‘3AM’ is about persistence: we’ve come into “realer” jobs, families have gotten more complicated, & we’re still finding time to write music in the nooks & crannies of our life. ‘3AM’ is about that.”

Sentimental? Yes. Practical? Yes. Gracious in acceptance? Dang straight.

And like what responsible people should do in their building of their futures, the duo takes in the shins while grinning and bearing what life throws at them.

It makes sense, of course.

Life isn’t sometimes clear cut. Life isn’t ‘black & white’ easy.

The grays are the norm in this world, and while you’re here, you should do yourself a favor and make it what you can.

Husbands makes it happen.

See them next @ Ponyboy, Oklahoma City Okalahoma on October 31st.



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