Husk ‘Below the Neck’ : Danceable goodness, the shiny object of desire manifests.


Exciting jams, framed in 80’s vibin’ and danceable goodness, the shiny object of desire manifests with fervor through the music of Husk.

‘Below the Neck’ has that shimmering attitude and charms of an artist like Boy George, the project buoys feelings of lust and love with ample amble.

Husk grew up with the likes of Madonna, Blondie, and Girls Aloud. And with distinct vocals, the satisfyingly fab pop invites you to let the cares of the world, go, for just a bit.

HUSK is the moniker of Manchester UK based artist Alfie Austin.

Let’s dance.

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Wearing purple for #SpiritDay 💜 Being LGBT+ in school for me made the experience something I’d like to forget. I had books thrown at me because I had ‘gay germs’, I had teachers refuse to act when I told them about the abuse I was receiving, and the curriculum failed to teach me about queer sex and even transmasc existence. It took me until I was 18 to confront who I am, after pushing it so far down, that I did not realise myself. I could not face it with societies views about us. And the views still exist today. So I’m asking you to #protecttranskids and to stand up against the barrage of transphobia being hurled at them right now. – #transandproud #transmasculine #transmasc #visibilitymatters #lgbt #lgbtq🌈 #transrightsarehumanrights #transart #supportqueerart #supporttranskids #supportrans #lgbtyouth #pride #gaypride #bipride #lesbianpride #thefutureisqueer

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