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HUSSY Shares ‘Slayer’. She, In Her Generous Heart, Also Shares Her Conflicts Infinitum.

Well, not infinitely. But with the expositional mallet, perfect for tenderizing your senses, HUSSY (project of Sophie Nicole Ellison) comes at you with a fist full of sharp ice during this single ‘Slayer’, permanently embellishing your skin and causing irreparable scarring, while the pain of it all just soothes you.

You scratch your head.

“Why is this song soothing? Shouldn’t be. Especially the subject matter, or not mattering…”

You couldn’t get a hold of what was happening.

Then it dawned on you. Her angst and trepidation IS Sophie. Sophie IS that annoyance towards parts of life. HUSSY then hits you upside your head with that aforementioned mallet.

“Oh, I get it.”

The South-East London based artist plays all and sings in this little project of hers. The dream-pop art project confounds and ties up your tongue, nice and neat-like, even if you don’t like that feeling. Sophie is that ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ that you heard of, now perpetrated in your soul.

You want to escape. But you don’t. Because it’s hypnotic, and beautiful.

“I was feeling frustrated and in a stagnant place, not knowing how to move forward while still burning myself at both ends. A common theme for many twenty somethings of searching for validation through your work. I wanted to take the listener through the journey of a weird headspace and how you deal with those emotions. Lots of bending guitars, mood shifts and a chorus which comes as an instant rush of feeling.”

Word, Sophie. Word.



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