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HUSSY ‘YLMD’ : Bed-room vibes shimmer and fulfillment

See her next @ Matchstick, London on December 7th.

Julia Brown

HUSSY is the avant-garde dream pop project of South East London based Sophie Nicole Ellison. And her return with single ‘YLMD’ is tasty, indeed.

Last year Hussy released the double A-Side singles ‘Slayer’ / ‘Playtime’ in October 2018 and ‘Forever’ in November 2018. This year she played various support dates across the UK including with Lala Lala, Feels and Gang before playing multiple dates in New York City in March for the New Colossus Festival.

HUSSY is what grounds our senses … demurely counter acting with her soft but caressing contrast of a voice, confuses then devours. And when music becomes this giant of a project, new and undeniable … that’s when you have HUSSY.”

“This time around I really wanted to up what I’ve been doing sonically,” said Hussy. “Before now I’d been recording nearly everything at home but went to a proper studio to redo some elements from the original version. The whole process became a reaffirmation of how/ why I make music the way I do. Playing everything myself enables me to immerse myself in the creative process and in the end became a form of self empowerment, something I wanted to prove to myself I could continue to do. ”

Added Hussy: “I could almost say at this stage YLMD has become like a love letter to self-empowerment and things going wrong. You can guess once you hear the lyrics, YLMD stands quite obviously for You Let Me Down. I wrote it a few years ago, and feels like its almost taken on a new meaning for me now than when I wrote it. Originally it was the frustration over seeing loved ones self destruction. Ultimately though, it’s a journey of reflection and self-empowerment. Now, this song has become a reminder in how trusting yourself is so important to me.”

She conquers your world, one song at a time. There’s no escape. And as the project clings to your ribs with bed-room vibes shimmer and fulfillment – you dive right into the goodness of it all. The goodness of effervescence that can linger with a tint of melancholy and expressive uniqueness that marks for a grand ol’ time.

That’s what Hussy brings.

That’s what’ YLMD’ brings.

The release of YLMD will also coincide with an accompanying self directed and self-made video (though out next year).

See her next @ Matchstick, London on December 7th.



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