Huston Shcarr ‘On and ON’ : Asymmetrical utterances, blush up against the lacquered iridescence

Huston Shcarr

Off of LP ‘Lone Wolf’, a poetic étranger of asymmetrical utterances, blush up against the lacquered iridescence of Huston Shcarr’s single ‘On and On’. It’s the virtual, and of the haunting call back to the place of musical birth for Huston. And in this 2nd album, he takes all the advantages to achieve that.

A non-linear motive, the semi-conceptual algorithm of musical tact – the album is a soul builder of what Huston’s readjustment to a horizon of what’s to come. A tangent, back to the basics of what passions he’d built and now engulfs.

‘On and On’ is just a turn or a corner of that world. A world of Huston’s demons and of his true self, for all to experience.


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