Huw and the Greater Good ‘Welcome Love’ : Subtle exhilaration. Delivers with power and altruism for concept, at an unassuming pace.

Huw and the Greater Good

Subtle exhilaration. That’s what Huw and the Greater Good’s single ‘Welcome Love’ is about. When it hits hard at your solar plexus with Huw’s hauntingly learned and soulful vocals, dowsed by the uncompromising lyrics, and framed to perfection with the bands individual talents, the song delivers with power and altruism for concept, at an unassuming pace.

It’s the undertow of a grand and wide beach head; consuming your addiction, perpetuating its ilk.

It’s the preponderance of resonance, pounded by the inalterability of sanctity and manipulation.

It’s the solace you seek, then found, then caressed into being.

‘Welcome Love’ is a the band’s 2nd single from their upcoming EP. It’s a beautifully textured single with all of the goodness that you appreciate in a beautifully textured and layered gourmet meal.

Said the band: “The song explores the constant apprehensions and worry that can be present in modern romance and the anxiety fueled episodes the rising generations are increasingly experiencing. An inability to understand what love really means and if we should allow ourselves to trust it.”

The UK based band, offers a diversified view of angst in the realms of our current inhibitions. They startle with surrealism, while comforting with a nostalgic delight.

The band consists of: Huw Edward Thomas (Singer/guitar), Mak Dawson (Bass), Callum Stubbs (Drums), Luke Marley (Keys), and Sam Jarps (Guitar).



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