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Hvdson – Peace In Company

“The overall theme is insecurity…This general theme came from the realization that, as humans, we all have our own inner demons and insecurities to deal with, stemming from a combination of factors, such as societal norms, mental health issues, genetic predispositions, etc.” The newly branded persona, Hvdson, is the unwanted fruit of 4 years of anguish and emotional turmoils the artist endured. A collateral amount of layers, made sandstone out of the heart that sings with empathy and affection. ‘Peace In Company’ is one of those stones that have been turned. Continued Hvdson: “My shift towards self-expressive songwriting from trying to be the most technical producer came from a bit of disdain that I had with the current state of electronic music and how restricting it felt as a medium of self-expression, with everyone trying to chase whatever is charting and current. But I’m still thankful for that era since it did give me the technical ability and knowledge to create music on my own.” Through this character of Hvdson, his aim is to convey the non-avarice essentials of not being ‘human’
A “fundamental truth coming from the music touches upon a common emotion that has recently been more prominent in the information age – loneliness..” Word.

Meldrvm – For:Me

Toronto based alt-pop artist Meldrvm makes the philosophy of life, easy to partake in its intricacies and complexities. Out of those layered extremes of that underlying mechanics of life and organism, fragility is utterly pure and insanely easy to activate. Apex of complexity, breaks down as soon as the subjects of the heart, meanders in from the cold-nss of the world to occupy the within. No control? Hardly an easy thing to tamp down. As succinctly stated by Meldrvm: “Studied chemistry and music and I didn’t know how to differentiate the two; found that I had done both simultaneously. I write the songs FIRST. Then I make them come alive. Chemistry? Music? Same shit.” Instigating the malice of living and prospering, is easy for some and harder for most. It’s that delicate dance of balance and extremes that make living difficult at times; mysterious in inopportune slices. Meldrvm’s unconventional attitude towards the biological, is logical, in that we are what we will makes of the world that surrounds us. It’s there, whether you want them or not. Chemistry and music, ride the same wave of mechanics that bely our realities. So…let’s ride that wave till it crashes into the shore. Hold on.

Løv Li – I Miss You

‘I Miss You’ is the debut single under my new artist name Løv Li. “I have worked as a producer for many artists. I decided I want to do some music that is exactly what I like.” The heroic and anthemic visions of the arrangement is both ol’ school and of the future. The ballad of longing and un-requited acts of life – twists and questions the inner being of one. Your question of what it means to be alive – is it dictated and indelibly cuffed to the life of another? Does she miss you as you do? Does she pause in the middle of her day, to glimpse at the silhouette of you? “Growing up playing the violin and the piano,” said Løv Li, “I was exposed to a lot of film music composers such as Hans Zimmer and Steve Jablonsky but also to the electro pop music my friends would listen to. Both of these genres have majorly influenced the way I write and produce my songs, incorporating both electronic beats and acoustic instruments such as lush strings, piano and guitar to achieve the sound-universe I enjoy.” Quite a offering, to be sure. We bet you think the same. Look for more from Sweden based Løv Li.

Elior – Try (Again)

Eighteen year old singer-songwriter/producer, the appeasing of souls begins with attrition of personal gripes and sense of pride. To revive something that had been slipping away, is hard work. In ‘Try (Again)’ Elior wants to show that sometimes it’s hard to fight your addiction to a person. Even though you know that what you’re experiencing is toxic you’re still coming back, even though you know that you are being played you still want to be part of the game. Elior in the confort of his own bedroom wrote and produced the entire album. We can truly feel the intimacy of the writing process and how personal the tracks are to him. Elior wants to talk to young men and women trying to figure out themselves like him. Life is fickle. Love is even more so. Elior thinks there’s always a better way. A chance that he’s willing to take – for love – for sanity.

thisisNAMASTE – I Can Do It

“I wrote ‘I Can Do It’, as I got fed up of many situations I found myself in,” said thisisNAMASTE (Natasha Stewart), “in which some people questioned a girls ability to do certain things that nobody would question a guy doing. Whether it was lifting something heavy to doing an unconventional job. I wanted to write a tongue-in-cheek song that was fun and empowering for young women.“ Classic pop anthems breakdown, the power of the single is in the support of each woman as to each other as they grow into this sleeve of life and of the world. Nay sayers are many, but it’s the outlook for self-determination that will get you over the line. The challenges are many; the challenges are hard. Raised in Lanark, a small town between Glasgow and Edinburgh (Scotland), Natasha was captivated with music from an early age citing big songwriters such as Whitney and Mariah Carey as inspirations. Natasha forged her own path and moved to London to study Creative Musicianship at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Self-determination. Word. Look for more from this fresh voice of Scottish pop.


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