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HXXS Shares ‘Learner’. “Fire in its belly…it burns with abstract smolder.”

Glitchy, grunge-pop synth madness is ‘Learner’. The single off of their debut album ‘Year Of The Witch’ (October 18), is delightfully suggestive, sensitive, and aggressive in is understated mannerisms.

The band is made up of Gavin Neves and Jeannie Colleene, where the duo makes up ‘noise’ of turbulence at which your notions for palpability bounces with intricate love for the abstract and bizarre. The vocals of Jeannie does its fabulousness dance, with weeping strength, emo rationale, and intensity in flavor. As the notes surround their work, the Universe has nothing on you, as you’re tranced into submission.

HXXS stated that: “‘Learner’ is about adaptability and looking within yourself to do whatever you need to do in order to survive. A mantra for moving forward. Whether the devil is inside of you, or someone else. Coming to terms and being able to see that and adapt as necessary as part of survival.”

Whoa. Intense, indeed.

The full album follows up their 2018 EP ‘MKDRONE’.

The road to this album’s release has been harrowing and difficult (lost tracks, re-recording of the LP, etc), but it’s here and we think it has that fire in its belly.

Gavin and Jeannie wouldn’t have it any other way, in hindsight.




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