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Hydromag // Idan Altman // SUNNYSIDE iNC // Nick Witzeman // Octavia Romano

Hydromag – When I Try

Canterbury based, HYDROMAG is the solo project of Josh Best-Shaw. And when his shimmering production hits your heart, there’s no going back to normal. Continuing his journey, off of the upcoming new EP ‘This Is Fleeting’, the single ‘When I Try’ is a breezy account of inspirations that have lingered in the mind of the artist. It finally coalesced to a pin-point of emotions where it took Josh to a place of calm and reflection. The outcrop is this delicate and sultry single, which helps us all to connect with our own personal belonging and trepidations.

Idan Altman – It all works out in the end

“My goal is to make honest sounding music that represents the artist and not the technology,” said IDAN ALTMAN. “I want to make something unique that will survive the test of time and I would love to work with anyone who feels the same way…That is why I have a minimalist approach and my main focus is on performance.” That’s Idan, speaking as a studio owner and provider. He cares about his clients, peers, and musicians. After many year, he’s settled in to help from the other side. But making music – his own kind of distinct music – is what he does and always will be. ‘It All Works Out In The End’ is that ‘oh well’ moment of living in this world of ours. At the end of the day, though, we continue to trudge on. So, might as well make the best of it, right? Idan understands.

SUNNYSIDE iNC – the opening.

Ethan Schaub is SUNNYSIDE iNC. And in this single ‘The Opening’ he delves deep into a certain world of expectations and unwarranted reliance in the un-mistakable. Inherent in the likeness of the parchments of life, Ethan sings with pension aggravation for the cloudy and disturbing. The dark lyrics infect into the cracks as the righteous harmonies, drum and drum into a world never seen before. The experimental ecstasy of this single is as decadent as can be, with prog-rock rapture with hard-rock elements beautifully layered in synth purges. Based in Asheville North Carolina, the indie-rocker gives it his all on his music.

Nick Witzeman – Commonalities

Off of his latest LP ‘INT.’ this oddly beautiful single comes from NICK WITZEMAN. ‘Commonalities’ inter-mingles other dimensional lyrical balance, with enthusiastic 80’s keys, operatic and delicate. The Toronto based singer/songwriter’s harmonies are dipped in the best traditions of Stevie Wonder and Stephen Sondheim, as the words flower before your eyes, as butterflies release through their metamorphic duties. Light and airy, this soft-rock tune give us a sense of space and time to breathe. The world is a small space when pressure and stress taxes your freedom, to live a full and restful life. Nick’s single helps in that endeavor. It’s pleasure, in every sense of the word.

Octavia Romano – Late Kiss

‘Lat Kiss’ is a single from OCTAVIA ROMANO, and as her fleeting vocals traverse through, we’re reminded of the things that means most to us in this world. The things that make us who we are, and what they mean to us as they re-charge our souls to have a chance at driving through this often unfair world. ‘Late Kiss’ is off of Octavia’s first solo EP ‘Aperta’ (available now). The perenial artist and NYC freelancer, craves to make her music dynamic with lyrical excellence and collateral vigor. She’s on her path to getting where she’s always dreamt of. Stated Octavia, her EP ‘Aperta’ is “about exposing the beautiful, the ugly, the raw emotions and honest thoughts, it’s an open door to a new and unexplored creative path and artistic identity.” Depth and riches pour, as she explores those hidden hills. We hope to see her at that golden peak.


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