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HYDROMAG Shares ‘P.J.R.’ “Unavoidable. Profound. Haunting.”

HYDROMAG brings us all ‘P.J.R.’ a aura, which rises from the marshes and depicts the profundity of life and it’s detriments. The remembrance of that generational moment, collapsed in a singularity, is depicted in this single.

‘P.J.R.’ “was written in memory of a close relative who took their own life”, stated Josh Best-Shaw.

Contrast is a road mark in what we all do. It’s that significance of two polar opposites, that makes things highlighted. And in ‘P.J.R.’ that contrast of airy dream-pop like state, transposed over the heaviness of subject makes it palpable.

And in our case, unavoidable.

Reaching out for something new, the void calls to you. The wafting of vapors shrink your vision, and outlook. The hallways seem to break down your motion, smaller, and limited. The walls are full of pictures of past longings, and past regrets. Walking down the carpeted hall, the discomfort of wetness distort your emotional expressions.

Distinct and profoundly haunting, ‘P.J.R.’ communicates that angst clearly.

But don’t worry. The mist subsides and the meadow clears, as the green and pin of the wild flowers, bloom again in front of your eyes.

“It was not easy task to write this song, it took a lot out of me and I spent far longer on it than any other song I’ve written. I’m still not sure that I’m fully happy with it, but it was a good way to address the issues I had locked away.”.

‘P.J.R’ is part of HYDROMAG’s upcoming EP ‘This Is Fleeting’.



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