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HYMMJ // Simen Mitlid // RJ Pasin // Okay Champ // Getaway

HYMMJ – Giving Myself A Chance

Berlin based band HYMMJ, offers us a gem in ‘Giving Myself A Chance’ – a song built on solid rock premonitions, substance, and pop-painted lyrical resurgence. The first track off of their 2nd EP, the single is a march into that rock music video you’d always wanted to in. Dark corner of your mind, you desired this more than anything. The love for yourself was missing and everything seemed to crumble. But not anymore. With rolling drums, empathetic guitars, and vocals to light the inspiration within, the band ignites your passions again, for a better tomorrow. The band consists of Sønke Piet, Elias Weber, Samuel Gestrich, and Max Jännerwein.

Simen Mitlid – Saturdays

SIMEN MITLID’s craft of crushed velvet like vocals and perpetual mid-autumn’s charm, beautifully convulses with emotion. The Os, Norway based singer/songwriter is an indie-folk artist who deliberately wants to break your heart – your heart of lonesome desires; your heart of dedicated and unhindered loyalty for that one love you will never forget. Simen is in the midst of completing his newest full album, and surely we cannot wait.

RJ Pasin – Cypress Groove Midnight Moon (feat. Freddie Stal)

RJ PASIN’s instrumental single ‘Cypress Groove Midnight Moon’, with wispy use of wha and guitar grooves, take us on a journey. RJP deals in world music, but bleeds into this succulent serving of delight with this single. It touches both the part of you who is dying to get the show on the road, and mixes it up with the philosophically potent side of your psyche. It’s the magic carpet ride, towards the heavens, with the bright orange setting sun, right up ahead.

Okay Champ – Ticket

OKAY CHAMP is just pure fun. Simple as that. ‘Ticket’ is this cantankerous debauchery in sound that is what’s needed while we are on our way to the 7th dimension in our hyper-space time-capsule. As the colors of space bend and twist outside of our traveling vehicle, the roar of OKAY CHAMP keeps things to a miniminum party funeral. Newcastle Upon Tyne based band is gloom with the sexiness and chic-dom that makes any girl swoon, and any guy jealous in vigor. John Edgar, David Turnbull, Mark Brown, James King, and Stuart Walkinshaw take the helm of that ship to that 7th dimension. And heck. We love every bit of it.

Getaway – The Spirit of ’57

Listen boys and girls. Listen to the guitars. Listen to the voice. Listen to the white-knuckle blues-rock that is playing right in front of you. The fabulously speculative, and drizzly in loves-begotten, ‘The Spirit Of ’57’ is that ‘voice’ you never had. Let’s talk with her. Talk to him; for time is precious to all of us. Let the Jeff Buckley-esque sensibilities drip you with honey and transform what your new world can be. Be smooth. Just like this single. Always.


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